Art Director, Designer

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Paintball Drone Battle

→ This project was made for TIM beta, a plan dedicated to TIM Brazil‘s younger customers. The idea is to position the brand in an innovative and technological way by creating a paintball battle between two drones.

Graphic Design
→ This is a graphic project that proposes to create a collection of posters and arts, testing diverse fonts and colors. The idea is to train graphic design skills and show it creating visual identities.

Nike Running Club
Graphic Design

→ Nike+ SP Running Club is a running group that aims to put Nike consumers in contact with the sport and branded products. The campaign was directed to the website and encourages the use of Nike+ app. 

The Game Has Changed

→ TIM beta, TIM Brazil's youth-focused platform and that has game mechanics to determine fare and benefits for customers, has created this campaign to launch a new phase where BETAs can participate in missions through the app and earn points in the game.

São Paulo, Brasil